French - English

Captain Luke a Cruising sailor and professionally educated French Chef, shares his culinary
expertise and experience in this French/English cook book dedicated to cruisers. 
On a cruise boat you are out in the open where the fresh air stimulates your appetite.
Meals are happily shared with fellow cruisers, guests and crew. Although seafood abounds,
the supply of fresh food on board can be limited and cooking gas must to be used sparingly. 
After graduating from the “l'Ecole Hôtelière” of Toulouse I worked as Sous-chef before
occupying the position of Chef in various countries like France, Germany, Haiti,
Bonaire, Martinique and Grenada. Over the years I acquired the skills to transform
the methods of preparing traditional cuisine where it took hours of simmering each ingredient
separately. Throughout my life-long career my goal was to simplify the complex process
 of traditional cooking and at the same time preserve the taste of the end product. 
While sailing the Caribbean with my family on board our schooner "Belle Antille",
 I wrote down the results of my cooking ´experiences´ contained in my cookbook, which I compiled following three criteria: 
1- To only allow a max time of 60 minutes for the preparation and cooking of meals (except specials recipes such as coq au vin or fish soup). 
2- To use ingredients easily obtained in all regions (harbours). 
3- To reduce the cooking time in order to save gas. 
Since the first edition of my book "Une Casserole à la Mer" ("A Casserole at Sea"), which was published in 1997 in Venezuela, this recipe collection has been regularly reprinted and is now in its 4th edition. 
Thank you for your confidence and enjoy the culinary delights emerging from ´A Casserole at Sea¨...